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           FAMILY LAW

Next to the death of a loved one, or a serious illness, one of the most traumatic events in a persons life, is the break-up of their marriage.  Even marriages that start out well, and last many years, may end in a Dissolution of Marriage.  The issues regarding the end of a marriage are quite complex.Florida Statute and case law control the law on the termination of the marriage.  The governing laws are ever changing. Special forms are required. 


Knowledge of the court system is necessary to finalize a marriage. Each divorce is unique unto itself and the issues in each divorce are varied. Issues that need to be addressed include alimony, division of real and personal property, debts, retirement accounts, and abusive spouses. What happens to a couple’s children are of prime importance to the court. Issues surrounding children include child custody, child support, (current, future and unpaid/past due child support), visitation, insurance, and schooling.


Family law issues do not only concern the Dissolution of Marriage itself, but issues that arise after the marriage is terminated, such as changes in child support, visitation and alimony.

Richard I. Glick, Attorney at Law, can assist you in the process to end your marriage. Some marriages can be dissolved with little or no complications and an agreement resolving the issues can be reached between the parties. In some instances the matter needs to be litigated extensively. My office can assist you with these matters.