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Often financial circumstance, resulting from a variety of happenings such as, job loss, sickness, death, poor investments, a downturn in the economy, loss of value of your home, are such as to cause a situation that calls for a remedy that is necessary to protect yourself and your family. A solution to that problem based on a Constitutional remedy is called Bankruptcy. The bankruptcy laws, which are primarily federal in nature, are designed to assist with your debt situation and allow you to get a fresh starts in life. The bankruptcy laws are complicated and making sure that a person in severe financial circumstances is able tomaneuver through the maze of the bankruptcy process requires the assistance of an attorney.

 Richard I. Glick, Attorney at Law, works with you to determine if bankruptcy is the proper solution for you, or if there are alternatives to filing bankruptcy. If a bankruptcy is called for, then a determination must be made as to what chapter of bankruptcy is required.  Is a Chapter 7 the right remedy, or is a Chapter 13 a better option?  After that decision is made, the proper documentation must be gathered, the proper forms filed and bankruptcy meetings attended

 I can assist you with:

Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcies.