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When a love one dies their estate requires proper handling.


The property in their estate must be transferred to their heirs according to the terms of their estate planning documents, if there are any, or pursuant to state law, if there are no such documents. The transfer of estate assets differs if there is a Last Will and Testament, a Living Trust, Jointly owned property, Retirement Accounts or no plans what so ever.

No matter how the transfer occurs, state or federal law dictates what occurs.  Often the distribution of assets occurs through the Probate process, which is supervised by a judge in the Probate Division of the local Florida Court.  The process can be complicated and often causes friction in a family.  It is not something that should be handled without the assistance of an attorney.

Richard I. Glick, Attorney at Law, works with clients from within the state of Florida and with clients who reside out-of-state who have the need to proceed in the Florida courts.  I work with the Personal Representative (called the executor in some states) to make sure that the probate process is resolved as simply and expediently as possible.

Areas that I am called upon to assist with are:

Full, Summary and Ancillary proceedings.

Trust administration.