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       Sunrise Real Estate Law

For most individuals the purchase and/or sale of their primary residence is the most significant financial transaction that they will have in their lifetime. Not only is the transaction a financial one, it is also a legal one. Contracts are signed, mortgages obtained, and transfer documents prepared and recorded. Doing so without the assistance of an attorney, who is there to protect your legal rights is risky.

If you are more sophisticated and are buying investment property, or buying properties at Foreclosure or Tax auctions, your investment and need for the assistance of an attorney, is even greater.

Richard I. Glick, Attorney at Law will assist you to avoid possible legal problems.  If you are buying, selling, mortgaging, or leasing real property you need the assistance of an attorney to draft or review any contracts or agreements you enter into regarding the purchase, sale or leasing of property.

Your attorney should be brought in at the beginning of the transaction prior to signing the lease or contract. The attorney should assist you from the start of the transaction, until all documents are in your possession after the matter is finalized.

My office can provide you with assistance relating to residential and commercial transactions including:

Drafting and reviewing of Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreements

Reviewing Leases

Representation at Closings and reviewing closing documents

Obtaining Title Insurance