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       Wills, Trust and Estate Planning

Planning for the care, protection and the financial security of your loved ones, requires taking steps before an event trigger the need for such protection occurs.  Therefore, having an estate plan is a necessity for all individuals, young or old.  Your estate consists of any property, real and personal that you own.  You have an estate if you own a home, have savings accounts, stocks, mutual funds, an IRA or own a business.  You must have a plan for how those assets will be distributed on your death or incapacity. If you do not have a plan, than state statutes or others, such as a judge, who does not know you or your wishes may decide what will become of your assets.  Without a plan, your estate may be subject to unnecessary taxes.

Estate planning protects your loved ones.  It protects your spouse and children.  If you have minor children, and do not have an estate plan, someone other than you may decide what will become of your children, if you and their other parent leave them orphans.


Richard I. Glick, Attorney at Law works with you to create an estate plan tailored to your unique needs and requirements.  An estate plan for a husband and wife, in their 30's with two minor children, is different from an estate plan for a single widowed woman in her early 80's with grown children.

  I can assist you in drafting your needed documents including:

 Last Will and Testament

 Living Wills

  Durable Health Care Power of Attorney and Designation of Health Care Surrogate.

 Durable Powers of Attorney

 Revocable and Irrevocable Trust Agreements

 Life Insurance Trusts